Photographer in Vilnius, Lithuania: wedding, event, portrait photography. Photostudio services.

Hi, I am Mindaugas. I’ve been working as a freelance photographer since 2003 and offering professional reportage and portrait photography. I’ll help you to cover lot’s of things, starting with advices, routes, contract and with quality images in a form of printed album, photo book or digital files.

Some of my works are published on this website and I thank my Clients for a permission to share these moments with you. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

I have considerable experience in working with people and it is easy to cummunicate with me in English, Russian and Lithuanian. I enjoy multicultural environment, ready to travel and passionate to take images. Other countries than Lithuania, I’ve been working in: Netherlands (Tilburg), Italy (Genova, Milan), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg), Belgium (Brussels), Latvia (Riga), Belarus (Minsk).

Privacy, legal aspects

I want my customers be sure, they receive professional services and their interests secured, therefore preparation of a contract, which coordinates the essential conditions arising before, during and after the photo session, is included in my package of services.

Privacy adhered: I’ve photographed more than 200 weddings in Lithuania and some abroad, many conferences and other events of private nature, and never published a single image without a permission (these aspects are stated in the contract). Contract can be coordinated remotely by exchanging signed copies.

Should you have any questions regarding my services, contact me and I’ll be happy to provide more information.

1.    Arrival to the location before the event, getting familiar with environment and lighting conditions in the area;
2.    Advice for professional make-up artist and hair stylist services;
3.    Second photographer;
4.    Personal transport;
5.    Financial contractual obligations ensuring interests of Clients;
6.    Collection of best images and prints on high-quality paper (non-standard format);
7.    The storage of a backup copy of Your photo archive;
8.    Short terms: wedding images are delivered within 30 days (might be provided earlier (with extra cost));

Photo printing on exceptional paper

I offer photos printed on a professional paper, non-standard format (from regular rectangle to panoramic), which reveal moments in a more creative way, it is pleasant to watch & touch them, moreover, prints are covered with special coating, protecting images within time.

Original photographer in Vilnius, Lithuania. Photojournalistic wedding, portrait photography.

Traditional photo albums

Upon Your preference, I deliver a collection of photos pasted in a photo album. Quality is important, therefore, I offer high-quality albums according to the desired colour and price, having a capacity of 50, 70, 80 and 100-120 photos (1-2 photos per page).

Image boxes

Elegant, hand made image boxes covered with textile of selected color, with up to 100 images printed on  15 x 23 cm. professional photo paper. The boxes might by customized with engraved text or other options, which might be selected from the catalog. The image box can also include a stylish USB memory stick, holding a collection of your digital images.

Photo books

I offer high-quality photo books with leather covers produced in Lithuania, Italy, UK and Poland. Taking into account the manufacturer of a photo book, paper quality, book size, number of pages, cover type (e. g. made of leather, glass, metal, etc.) or the packaging (leather case, carrying case, glass stand with a hood, etc.), the costs of photo book range from one hundred to several hundreds EUR.

Photo book sizes may range from 10 x 10 cm to 40,5 x 51 cm.

I offer professional photo studio services. The studio is located in the central part of Vilnius. A mobile photo studio can also be installed at home or office, in any city of Lithuania. For more information please follow to section “Studio“. I also provide lighting equipment for sessions on location or when travelling abroad.

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